Sata-andagi (Okinawa’s doughnut)



Sata-andagi is a traditional Okinawa’s roll-shaped doughnut. 

Okinawa’s sweets are descended from Chinese and Japanese traditional sweets.  Sata-andagi has a taste of home and my favorite sweets.  And I LOVE Okinawa food very much!!!


 ☆OKINAWA☆is one of my most favorite place.  Okinawa is part of Japan but has very different culture and food.  Visit this website and you can see some beautiful pictures.





Story about Okinawa and Okinawa Food

Okinawa is southernmost prefecture in Japan and has very different and original culture.  

In the local food, Okinawan food (or called as Ryukyu food) which spreads or popularizes through Okinawa Prefecture, developed a unique gastronomic culture.

As the factor of the difference of the gastronomic culture, the fact that there was a difference in the material which is used from the climate being different from the other area or region in Japan, the fact that the historic ground as it was an independent kingdom, was different before the Meiji era.

At present, as Okinawan food, generally, the origin in the one to be found of is roughly separated by the food which is reflected by the court food, and the food which had been eating in the home of the common people.

The grand & splendid food which was strongly influenced in China by need of reception party of the envoy from the ritual and China progressed at the court in the Ryukyu-Kingdom era.

On the other hand, the wild grass (i.e. herbs) and the food utilized by natural foods among the citizens, they are valid as the medicinal table and the longevity food,  and are contributing to live long life in Okinawa prefecture to today.



Let’s Make Sata-andagi!!

INGREDIENTS (10~15 doughnuts)dscn2725

Eggs                               2

Suger                        130g

All-purpose Flour     220g

Baking Powder           2tsp

Oil                              2tsp


It’s very Easy and taste very good!

First, mix flour and baking powder, and sift mixed powder

lightly beat 2 eggs in a bowldscn2726



Put suger in a bowl and mix it with eggs.  Do not whip it! just gently mix it and make it smoothdscn2727




Mix sifted power into a bowl. When you feel it is almost mixed, put oil in it.dscn2730




Mix it until it comes togetherdscn2732




Make golf-ball-sized doughdscn2735




fry these in oil until it turns goldendscn2737


Now Enjoy! 



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    Anonymous said,

    looks like milk was added? but not in your receipe above .. I noticed other sites, asked for *salt, *milk

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